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It's weird feeling nostalgia for something I have no interest in returning to.

I used to post on message boards at a lot. Enough to become a mod, to show up in fan fics (where I had a surprising streak of not dying), to make friends online and in real life, and to waste a good chunk of my late teens through mid-twenties. At some point, I even began to sometimes think of myself (in mental self-referential address) by the initials of my main handle, 'Bastard Knight'. That online life lasted almost 8 years, but then (finally) I got bored, so I left.

I had promised myself sometime prior, I would never make a thread about leaving. Those always annoyed me. If I left, I would just get the fuck out. My final topic was, "You are boring," where I offered to probably not tell anyone who posted in the topic how mind numbingly uninteresting they had become. No one took it as an insult, because I insulted people there all the time.

Anyway, today, I was trying to remember something from back then. So I did a quick search online, and found some ar…