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Hisashiburi da na.

(It's been a while, hasn't it?)

These are some things I have done since last writing:
-Cut my beer and desert consumption dramatically. My doctor says cutting these out altogether (along with wine and whiskey) allows most men to reach a healthy weight with very little effort beyond the massive will-power necessary to not enjoy these things. Apparently, women can't drop pounds quite so easily. There are trade-offs in life.
-Read the excellent chronicle of the early days of wildstyle, Hip Hop Family Tree. I remain convinced comics offer a unique and refreshing approach to history--even in the case of music, where one might expect the format to be at a loss. I am, however, biased.
-Watched the whole of Attack on Titan (a title dubiously adapted from its original Japanese, 'Shingeki no Kyoujin', or 'Advancing Giants'; a decision which requires the continuous mistranslation of 'kyoujin' ['giant' in English] as 'titan' throughout the serie…