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It's weird feeling nostalgia for something I have no interest in returning to.

I used to post on message boards at a lot. Enough to become a mod, to show up in fan fics (where I had a surprising streak of not dying), to make friends online and in real life, and to waste a good chunk of my late teens through mid-twenties. At some point, I even began to sometimes think of myself (in mental self-referential address) by the initials of my main handle, 'Bastard Knight'. That online life lasted almost 8 years, but then (finally) I got bored, so I left.

I had promised myself sometime prior, I would never make a thread about leaving. Those always annoyed me. If I left, I would just get the fuck out. My final topic was, "You are boring," where I offered to probably not tell anyone who posted in the topic how mind numbingly uninteresting they had become. No one took it as an insult, because I insulted people there all the time.

Anyway, today, I was trying to remember something from back then. So I did a quick search online, and found some ar…

...see no evil...

"'Can I get a witness to all this poverty?' There's no need to, brother. Everybody can see," Joe Strummer sang, but I think he was sadly mistaken.  As I used to argue in non-defense of the G. W. Bush administration, the rich and powerful are so generally and fully ensconced in their rarefied territory, they are mostly unaware of the underclasses. Thus, actions which, with greater understanding, might be seen as intentionally evil, are merely ignorant (though arguably still evil).

This helps to explain Bush's approach to Katrina, black people, the poor, public schools, and those foreigners he tried to help free with two wars in their homes; Catherine the Great's inability to tell that her tours of supposed Russian towns involved the same actors, playing the same roles, and using the same set over and over; Marie Antionette's "Let them eat cake;" the casual cruelty of roving gangs in Fist of the North Star1; and Republican efforts to somehow h…

I am going to buy some goddam earplugs.

I mean it this time. For years now, I have intended to purchase something to protect my ears, my precious, precious ears, from noise--particularly loud concerts I am likely to attend with my friend, Noizetrauma. Once again, I have neglected this duty, exposing my hearing apparatus's to a four show set at Seattle's Neumos featuring noise-rock, industrial metal, drum and bass, and ambient drone. Clearly, this was a mistake, as I am now suffering tinnitus a full day later. However, I do not regret going.

The opening set (by La Fin Absolute du Monde, an appealing duo composed of one talented, handsome, black, male guitarist, and one Asian, mood-setting, beautiful, and less talented female keyboardist/computerist/singer) started off laughably bad, but was short, and finished very strongly with a distortion-laden peon to breaking up. With some packaging (including better production and some voice training), this group could put on a good show.
The second set (by the second of what …

Hisashiburi da na.

(It's been a while, hasn't it?)

These are some things I have done since last writing:
-Cut my beer and desert consumption dramatically. My doctor says cutting these out altogether (along with wine and whiskey) allows most men to reach a healthy weight with very little effort beyond the massive will-power necessary to not enjoy these things. Apparently, women can't drop pounds quite so easily. There are trade-offs in life.
-Read the excellent chronicle of the early days of wildstyle, Hip Hop Family Tree. I remain convinced comics offer a unique and refreshing approach to history--even in the case of music, where one might expect the format to be at a loss. I am, however, biased.
-Watched the whole of Attack on Titan (a title dubiously adapted from its original Japanese, 'Shingeki no Kyoujin', or 'Advancing Giants'; a decision which requires the continuous mistranslation of 'kyoujin' ['giant' in English] as 'titan' throughout the serie…