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In his natural habitat, the creepy bastard.

World War Dragonball Z

--a draft of a comicbook parody--

[page 1]

[The background for the comic is a vague or abstracted cityscape.]

NARRATION: The zombie apocalypse is upon us. Outbreaks have broken out across the globe. Can Goku, Vegeta, and Brad Pitt stop the flesh eating cannibals? Find out in... World War Dragonball Z!

[In a wide panel, we see a mass of ZOMBIES shambling towards three figures at a distance. We zoom in separately on the encroaching undead and their opponents: GOKU, VEGETA, and BRAD PITT. The Saiyans are loudly powering up, the ZOMBIES are mindlessly moaning, and BRAD PITT is looking cool. We switch between the groups, with a closer view each time. The panels alternating between moaning zombies and shouting Saiyans are repeated two to four times, depending on layout and space concerns. We end with an extreme close-up (perhaps just a shot of an open mouth) from each group. This dialogue, such as it is, must be prominent, and may even break out of the top or bottom of the panel (preferably…