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For Every Problem, a Solution (5)

The final installment of the 'Solution', unless I decide to draw out the following ideas:

-Glen Danzig in 'Heavy Metal Human Sacrifice'
-Two Face in 'Homophobia'
- Steve Martin, as Navin Jackson, in 'Jerks!'

For Every Solution, a Problem

A guest comic by my coworker, Lo Blanco.

For Every Problem, a Solution (4)

God as depicted throughout the ages.  No Alanis Morissette, and, no, that isn't ironic.

For Every Problem, a Solution (3)

Nat Turner and John Brown are both famous in the United States for having lead failed slave rebellions in the decades before the U.S. Civil War.  They have each inspired several artistic and historical works.  I read "The Confessions of Nat Turner" when I was 14, but have yet to read "John Brown's Body".

The KKK are, of course, racist dicks who Superman beat up.

For Every Problem, a Solution (2)

Each panel originally had a caption, a feature which was scrapped in a silly attempt to bring cohesiveness to the page as a whole.  They were as follows:

panel 1 - Pig fingers!  Carrot hands!  Cannot draw!

panel 2 - Focus off.

panel 3 - Perspective is a matter of perspective.

panel 4 - What, me worry?

In thinking about it, I suppose I might have impanelled these in the orange bar at the right, but it probably would've been a bit much.

I'm not sure how wide-spread the campaign is, but in  Seattle, there are numerous billboards and bus signs which read, "Jesus is ____."  I want to play mad libs with these things, or else write in, "a day labourer."  Other acceptable answers include, "bearded," and, "featured in a Leonard Cohen song."