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I think I'm Sole.

I believe stupidity is a condition of humanity (much like tribalism or social drive).  I think the one thing that unites everyone is they're wrong about something (and probably most things, often for bad reasons).  I don't believe in the certainty or inerrancy of any proposition.  I believe people inevitably make mistakes (though no one mistake may be inevitable).  Perhaps as a result, though I am not above following others, it isn't something which typically appeals to me.  So, it's weird listening to someone who says a fair amount I agree with almost completely, as here.

Or, in the case of Doug Stanhope, it's depressing and alienating.  Seeing Stanhope live was one of the most angst inducing experiences of my life.  It felt a bit like staying up 'til three a.m. alone doing nothing for fear of not being able to sleep, hating all the motherfuckers cozy in bed, but with laughter added in.

Anyway. ... Sole has far better raps, music, and videos than that. ...