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My room is a mess, my painting unfinished.

...and I still haven't found a good alternative to my scanner with its missing power-cord.  Almost finished with this painting, though.  I just need to put in a bus seat in front of and behind the passenger.

Incidentally, the Seattle Metro buses have the ugliest upholstery I can remember seeing, and I spent five years working at a used furniture store.


  1. I was comparing this one to old one, and you changed a lot of stuff. You changed her spots too.

    I miss some of the brighter colours from the other one though.

  2. In person, without an old camera-phone as intermediary, I think the hair and background look better in the painting than in the drawing, and that's about it. I'm still getting used to acrylics. It's going to be a while before I'm able to (more or less) get what I want as easily this way as with inks or markers. It's a wide world of supplies, too, what with all the brushes and paints. But exploring's half the fun.

  3. I guess I get turned off by the costs of using stuff other than pencils, and also because it's my experience that I don't have as much control with brushes/markers as I do with pencils. I also hate having to constantly re-dab the brush in the paints and having to wash it off, and then having the water get all murky from the residues and make cleansing the brush that much harder.

  4. I don't know...I was just thinking about it some more, and I do notice that your stuff has a lot more of a professional look than mine does. It looks more 'finished' and visually appealing in the sense that the figures are a lot more distinct....

    Sometimes I feel as though I like my own artwork a heck of a lot more than I reasonably ought to and I need to get over my irrational prejudices against using other mediums in order to improve... other times I think that the medium is largely irrelevant. Changing mediums is like changing golf club sets. It's a way to keep you entertained, but what really matters is learning how to swing a club properly, or in this case, how to put shapes onto the paper.

    It's not that I haven't considered using acrylics. I've been going to the local art shop some to buy mechanical pencils, and they have paint material there, but I just get so intimidated and stressed out by the thought of having to choose which colours to buy, which set of paints, which types of canvas, setting up a studio space for me to paint in, etc....that I just end up not thinking about it.

  5. I was seduced by brushes in trying out Pentel brush pens, which I learned about through Scott McCloud. Later, when somebody offered to pay me a (very) small commission to do a painting, I felt a little less threatened, and made the jump to acrylics.

    As to materials, you can always start small. I'm actually thinking about doing several little bits, black and one other colour, of no more than 5"x5". If you get one brush, two tubes of paint, and (say) three tiny canvases, you won't set yourself back too many pencils.

  6. That name makes me think of Starfox.

    Anyways, I'm probably going to the art shop sometime this week, so I'll check their stuff out.

  7. So what are you working on? Scanner still malfunctioning? Why not use the mind powers of the Mitt Romney avatar that you created to scan the images into your computer, and then use them to persuade someone to clean your room as well?

  8. That's a fantastic idea. To be fair though, I only kidnapped Mesmerizing Mitt from someone else.

    Most of my free time isn't free, so progress on my painting and comics is slow. I suppose if I had a (working) scanner, it would only mean I'd have more work to do, so I guess there's that to be glad of.

  9. I like your painting...


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