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I like hockey, and so should Tim Pawlenty.

Former Minnesota governor and current candidate for the Republican nomination for POTUS, Tim Pawlenty, has a problem.  People think he is boring.   To be fair, he is.  In the rare case where they talk about him, it is usually to point out how few people care about the guy.

He might have avoided  this issue if he had just refrained from cutting his hair back in 2008.  You see, Tim's biggest problem isn't that he puts pundits to sleep, but his lack of a hockey mullet. With that funky hair style he once had, people would have been happily talking about him. Sure, they would have been making fun of the dude, but not in any sort of damaging fashion.

Rather, it would have turned his biggest weakness into a strength. If people looked at him, and thought he was a goof, the fact that he is actually dry would make him seem 'serious' and 'electable' in contrast to expectations. Meanwhile, the mullet would have given him an immediate sense of place--the sort of …

More political thoughts and observations

-On his June 26 Meet the Press appearance, Gov. Chris Christie blithely said the US murdered Osama bin Laden.  "I do think that we have achieved a lot of what we wanted to achieve in Afghanistan, especially after the murder of bin Laden."  Bizarre word choice for an American, let alone a politician of national stature.  Still weirder to throw the claim out there in such cavalier fashion.  I assume murder is still a serious charge in New Jersey.

-Tea-Party-style Republicans are willing to make a deal with Obama, so long as it only contains cuts like ethanol subsidies.  Admittedly, ethanol is a largely ineffectual waste, the greatest effect of which is to cause food to cost more, but it's also a major interest/industry in several states key to any victory in the Electoral College.  In other words, doing away with ethanol subsidies means doing away with one's chance to be elected President of the United States of America any time soon.

-Similarly, Mitch McConnell's …