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Art Installation

The aluminum and glass Winchell's Donuts stands abandoned, dilapidated, its partial gutting on display through a fishbowl lens.  More than two years after this shop's closure, the manual newspaper stand at its front continues to be serviced. 

Today's headline reads, "Art of decay".

Things I've been wondering for a short time now:

If Israel's 1967 borders are "indefensible", as Benjamin Netanyahu claims, why did Israel have so little trouble beating three nations in six days from within those same borders?  How is it they lasted for over 18 years before being expanded?  Were they so untenable, why couldn't this supposed problem be addressed by negotiated 'land-swaps', as has been suggested by most parties since before the Oslo accords?

If the Israeli PM's claim seems unjustified on its face, why are so many politicians and pundits eager to repeat it ad nauseum?  Why do they cheer this false objection?

Is it because Israel is our friend?  How?  We give it cover on the world stage and in the UN Security Council.  We give it hundreds of millions of dollars a year.  What does Israel offer us in turn?  Lectures and insults?

I'm not anti-Israel.  Its people deserve to live in peace and prosperity alongside their neighbours.  But this will not be achieved by an intransigent Israeli PM…

An introduction to a book that doesn't exist:

Prose and verse are generally accepted as distinct writing formats with their own rules, styles, and grammars.  Though their borders are somewhat vague, they have come to be seen as something of a dichotomy in the eyes of the general public.  There are, however, at least 3 other popular approaches to writing as exhibited in picture-books, comicbooks, and plays.  Though sometimes given short shrift, these styles are accepted as literature.  They are included in libraries, book stores, and academic study.  Most importantly, they are read.

In the general case, there is clearly writing being done in the creation of any one of these.  But what of the wordless comic or silent play?  Should we consider scripts written, but fully realized plays, comics, and picture-books, to be performance, art, or some other kind of non-literature?  These worries of theory are kinks to be worked out, surely, but they are not of immediate practical concern to the writer.

On firmer ground, we may say, where wo…

These look better in person.

My scanner doesn't seem to work without it's power cord--surprising, I know.  I seem to have lost it in a recent move.  Such items are frustratingly difficult to replace now that Radioshack has become something like the sad little brother of Best Buy.  As a result, I am reduced to using camera-phones, with which I am nowhere near skilled enough to make my drawings look good.  This is why I haven't uploaded any sketches or comics in a while.

But here is a sample anyway.  The face on the left has become my phone's background image (without the blue noise).  The lady on the right was kind enough to sit for me one day, or rather, she sat in front of me on the bus, and I sketched her without her knowledge.  It's all the same, right?