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Beting Against America, a draft

To be trimmed and sent to pundits and democratic strategists:

Last week, we saw popular and just legislation for 9/11 rescuers and civil rights in the military stymied by cynical Republicans in Congress.  For the last two years, they have been stonewalling progress on every front for their own political gain.  Republican politicians have been crying, "Things are terrible," while banking on the situation getting worse, so they can run on Obama and the Democrats not fixing things.

Times _are_ tough, but we, as a people, have always known ours will be a better tomorrow. We share this faith. Nevertheless, in fighting aid to workers, small businesses, first responders, and our armed services; in refusing to work on health care, energy, and immigration reform; in constantly stalling, saying 'no', and hoping for the worst, Republican in Congress have bet against America.  They are wrong.  Every one of us knows, you don't bet against the American people, and you don'…

A brilliant move from Lieberman

Joe Lieberman is making noise about pushing through a stand-alone repeal of 'Don't Ask Don't Tell', alongside Senator Susan Collins (Republican of Maine).  He claims to have the votes.  If he can get this done, he'll have a nice liberal feather in his cap for his 2010 reelection.  Considering that he had roughly 25% job-approval ratings in his home state at the beginning of the year, he'll probably need it. 

Just being able to claim he co-wrote this, the most significant federal civil rights bill in recent memory, would be a major victory for him in Connecticut, and do a lot to mend fences with Democrats, many of whom have come to revile him for his hawkishness and anti-health-reform views.  If it passes, he may even end up a hero.

A brief note on MMA's rules

In Mixed Martial Arts' current unified rules (used by almost all promotions and athletic commissions in the United States and Canada), fighters are scored on are effective striking, grappling, aggression, and cage control.  I would suggest dropping 'aggression', and instead focusing on penalizing fighters who stall. Points should not be given for effort, but for effectiveness.

This would encourage competitors to fight smarter and more technically, while discouraging them from merely defending themselves or finding a position to rest in and staying there.  This would make for better fights and easier judging.