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Follow up

So it would seem Obama is doing what I suggested, just in a slow, measured, 'I'm really disappointed in you, BP', kinda way.  Too cool for school.

Meanwhile, he still seems to be taking a watered down version of the Republicans' "all of the above" approach to energy, which will make no one happy, leave us open to future oil disasters (with continued drilling in shallow waters and on land), and not push hard enough for renewable energy technologies.  This is pragmatism carried beyond what is pragmatic to where it no longer takes prudential concerns into account, or at least places them at a distant second to idealistic visions of political harmony.  In the past, Obama has taken steps which have seemed timid and not always worked to his or his party's advantage, but which have eventually resulted in something being accomplished.  Unfortunately, though oft deemed an acceptable outcome, that product is often watered down, panned even by those who benefit from…