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Showing posts from November, 2009

Tim Hensley and David Heatley are hacks.

I am tired of seeing their work in alternative comics anthologies like Mome and Best American Comics. If those guys are turning out some of the better indie and small press cartooning, then the industry is in a sorry state, but that's still no excuse for printing such tripe.

A page from Hensley's Wally Gropius story, where he exhibits a complete inability to draw, and a dry, unearned sense of overburdened irony:
Heatley's illustrations suck, even when he's not writing:

And in its more or less original format:

Sans colour artificial. Much closer to how it would have looked when I drew it in 2003 with some crappy cartridge loaded ink-brush.

Being the result of spilt ink.

Everything after that first punch is probably superfluous, but who said you had to be kind in a fight?

I am large. I contain multitudes.

An anti-Kantian strip (from 2003) in direct opposition to a previous post. I have more respect for Kant's epistemological work nowadays, but still feel roughly the same about his ethics. Boo, Kantian ethics!

Features the infamous Bottle of Injury and that familiar trope of the artist as God.