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This is not a rhetorical question:

The rationale for having people deal with graphic depictions of Nazi internment camps and all that is not usually just that it is a fact of history, and people should acquaint themselves with it, nor that it tells us something important about the human condition, but that we must know about it so we can stop its like from ever happening again. So, I wonder, have efforts to educate people about the Holocaust actually done anything to stop other acts of genocide or mass murder?

In skimming Sam Beckett's wiki entry...

I came across the odd statement, "Though many of the themes are similar, Beckett had little affinity for existentialism as a whole." Right. Name me an existentialist for whom that isn't true.

How many grains of salt must one have before one is prepared to read an encyclopedia?

In which Tavis explains why he should not have read The Walking Dead.

Call it a compulsion. There was a time when I would have read any and every comic I could get my hands on. I've gotten better, and far pickier. Nevertheless, after coming across a cache of the much hyped Walking Dead books, I thought I'd give them a chance, despite the art, writing, and layouts all seeming boring. About four issues in, I began to wonder why I was doing this to myself. Eventually, it felt like punishment for some unnamed misdeed.

Thirty-seven(!) issues in, I believe I can say The Walking Dead showcases the reasons there has been so little interest in comicbooks (as opposed to comic strips) in the American public. The series offers up everything that is wrong with so-called mainstream comics--the real mainstream being either the aforementioned strips, or else manga, both of which are more popular and widely read than adventure books published by Marvel, DC, Image, or so forth. I suppose this also explains its appeal to many comics readers, many of whom seem to …

Unfinished business

And I don't expect to be paid for a job I never completed. Or any other, when it comes to art. >_>

Other notes:
-Drawn somewhere around 2004/2005.
-I like blue.

As Digital Underground said:

Do whatcha like.

--This might be from 2004.--

A public service announcement.

'Leary' and 'wary' are synonyms. This does not mean you should combine them. 'Weary' means 'tired'. It should not be used in place of 'leary' or 'wary'. Stop raping your own language. It isn't pretty.


A classic game, but not really what I was expecting from the title, to be honest. This remains a mild disappointment, all these years later.

Mining my somewhat surreal past.

Circa 2005: 10 panels, 3 moods, 1 piece. A little worse off for being bent while copied. The result of using a cheap scanner. Alas, my misspent dollars.