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There is little question in my mind...

...Hillary will now seriously, earnestly, and ardently support Obama, not just in form, now that a woman is in the race with an 'R' next to her name. Especially given McCain's age, his not always perfect health, and talk of maybe only holding one term. For if McCain were to win, and if anything were to happen which might keep him from seeking office for a second term, the likely Republican candidate in 2012 would be a woman with more executive experience at more levels than Hillary has.

There's been talk about how Bill or Hillary might not be serious in supporting Obama. It happened before their speeches. It came, to a lesser extent, after them (more so following Hillary's less enthusiastic, less masterful performance). But, my quick take is both the personal and political aims of the Clintons now coincide with those of Barack Obama and their shared party. Especially since Obama has allowed Hillary to fashion it into a shared party.

Pointless Man: Death to Pretty Boy Groups! (2)

Still working on page 3, but it should be up within a few days. In the meantime, I'll probably supply some more political rants to keep things interesting. Stay tuned.

It's not about experience.

If you honestly think the careers of Senator Obama and Governor Palin are comparable, or contrast well in Palin's favor, I think you're crazy, but that's beside the point. Why? Because experience doesn't mean you'll do a good job. Because supposed lack of experience doesn't mean you'll do a poor job. Because being the President of the United States isn't quite like any other job in America.

Former Presidents and Governors Carter and Clinton have both expressed the opinion that nothing can really prepare a person for the top executive position in American government. Though they have been expressing this sentiment of late, either to cast aspersions of doubt on Obama or (alternately) to deride the claim that McCain's seniority in Washington better prepares him for the job, I seem to recall hearing much the same from them in years previous, as little more than honest reflection. Whether you trust their judgement on this or not, it is arguable, both show…

Not since Spiro Agnew...

Not since Spiro Agnew has one so well qualified, so thoroughly prepared, and gifted of such evident judgement been appointed as a major party's candidate for Vice President of the United States of America. But, I think we can all agree, Agnew, who held the same advanced degree as Barack Obama does, was a little too educated, and this might have been his downfall. Not so for John McCain's excellent choice, Alaskan Governor, Sarah Palin.

She has held that esteemed office for almost two years now, and before that, was the part time mayor, part time council member of her home town of 5,000 plus. What truly qualifies her, though, are her support of creationist teaching in science classes, her keen pro-life position, her willingness to place the environment at risk to attain greater oil revenue, and her staunch opposition to gay rights.

A hearty congratulations to her and Senator John McCain. May they receive all the votes they deserve.

Pointless Man: Death to Pretty Boy Groups! (1)

Page one of an eleven page epic sets the stage for Pointless Man's battle with the boy bands of the late '90s. For those unfamiliar with boy bands, and unwilling to do a bit of research on their own, don't worry. There's an afterword which should clear up any confusion.

There's a bit of text on this page which you will probably have trouble making out at this resolution. It says, "Yes, in his tireless search for a way to end all evil, PM has extended his criteria of wickedness. First, it was the foolish, then--no, wait. First, it was the ignorant, then the foolish, and, finally, annoying people, too, were considered evil. --Luckily, he forgot to add the forgetful!--" This last aside is near impossible to read, even knowing what's written. What can I say? I'm learning as I go, especially with getting my stuff digitized.

This has been a while in the making, dating back to an original one page comic drawn in '99 and placed on my dorm room door, but…


The sketch above is a rough draft. No one seemed to like the original sketch much, so I tried a different tack:

This version has the added bonus of taking up much less space on disk, and therefore loading faster online. I'm kind of ambivalent about the whole thing, since it's so far off from my typical approach. But whatever.

I put it to you:

What is wrong with moustaches?


I need more sleep.

Drawing of cooler days.

It is damn hot in Seattle. I'm glad that we actually get to experience summer and all, considering how few days have been sunny this season, but 90 degrees-plus is just taking it too far.

No Laughing Matter

As shown here, aesthetic disagreement can be dangerous.

Consider this a preview

...although it may not work out as you'd think.