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Pointless Man and the Open Mic

In 1999, I was engaged in classes at North Seattle Community College. Two of these were English courses. One week, they both focused on beatnicks, and most of the kids, many of whom had never heard of these authors before, heaped accolades on the likes of Ginsberg and Kerouac. I've never been a big fan of the beats writings or their hipsterism. My attitude was, essentially, 'Screw those guys.' But, even mild criticism of these dudes was drowned out by choruses of praise. Serious discussion was off the table.

Incensed, I spent the week regaling all who would listen with enlivened rants on the subject. My brother, Devin, responded with an ode to beatnicks, which I immediately committed to a comic, as above. Only, the page I drew disappeared the next day. It was about two years before I would revisit the concept. Even then, there were problems. I somehow managed to lose that piece, as well. What you see above is a coloured copy of the black and white comic I drew in 2001.

You …

This Cat Has No Name -- Door No. 2

Loosely, a character I've been toying with for ages. Yet to be fully developed, opposite is a chick with no name A pulp antihero. A traveling philosopher. A self affirming, walking existential crisis. Yes, she is the rarely seen and even less often acknowledged out-of-work assassin, free and on her own cognicence. With such a character, what amoral hijinks might ensue?

Identity Crisis (yes, just like the comics!)

Someone recently told me, "I may not agree with McCain on all of his positions, but at least I know what his are without having to go out of my way to find them," so I asked:

Really? Is he for drilling off shore, as he has been for the last two months, or against it, as he was for over a decade before that? Is he for keeping troops indefinitely in Iraq when its ministers tell us we must leave or set a timetable, as he has just recently intimated, or against staying if asked to go, as he had said previously? Is he a respectful friend of Evangelical Christians, as he has been trying to make himself out to be since 2002, or does he consider them 'agents of intolerance' who should be excoriated as he had characterized them for years before that? Is he against any and all forms of torture and inhumane treatment, including measures the Bush administration has put into use, as he had been prior to '04, or for Bush's approach, as he has been since '06? Does he wan…

With all the sequels and adaptations in Hollywood...

It is a wonder someone hasn't made Bad Dudes into a flick. I mean, really, can you get a better action premise than street thugs trying to save the President from the ninjas who kidnapped him? I don't think so.

"Comic-book movie"

In reviewing the new Batman movie, Roger Ebert writes, 'This film, and to a lesser degree “Iron Man,” redefine the possibilities of the “comic-book movie.”' Now, Ebert knows there are a fair number of films based on comicbooks which have nothing to do with superheroes or adventurous men in tights. This is probably why he put the term in quotes. But, still, everybody knows that he meant action movies starring men who wear masks, capes, or both. And, probably, most people think these are the only kind of comicbook inspired movies there are. Some might object to this characterization of the basis of Sin City or Hellboy, but these still feature over-powered action heroes.

Considering some very good, not-so-super-hero-ish movies like Ghost World, A History of Violence, Road to Redemption, and American Splendor had been based on comics well before Iron Man and The Dark Knight, Ebert's statement seems unfair, or at least to unintentionally expose the unjustified bias he (rightly) …

If only Superman were a worse person.

If he were like all those old comic covers at Superdickery, such as above, I would find him so much more entertaining. As someone who owns what may be hundreds of comics featuring the hero, I have to say, I'm a bit disappointed.

Someone needs to make a superpower, action movie about a guy who's a total jerk.

Why won't Lou Reed tell me what women are saying anymore?

Even though I wasn't alive at the time, I miss the days when I could trust Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground to tell me what women were saying. No more will Lou supply us with creatively entitled songs such as, 'Lisa Says', 'Stephanie Says', or 'Candy Says'. Why has no one picked up the slack? Does no one speak to women anymore?

Bit of a slowdown.

Dropping off a bit this week, while watching my mom's dog at her place. Won't be able to scan in new sketches or access previously scanned material. If I think of anything interesting, though, I'll be sure to post it up. Anyway, don't let that stop those few of you here from periodically checking in. I'll be around.

What's behind door number one?

I'm not sure exactly what his relationship with the doorway is.

This one is called 'Modern Sam'.

To be able to share my drawings online in something of a presentable fashion, I have to scan them in and clean them up a bit in Photoshop. To scan them, I need to tear them out of my sketchbook. I take everything worth sharing in person out of the book as soon as it's done, rendering the vessel empty. Is that ironic?