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Just a tweaked out copy of an old sketch run through Photoshop--all made possible by my crappy new scanner. Hoorah.

Take 10 and call me in the morning.

When feeling down, there's little so perfect for the mood as the music produced by Japanese rock group, LUNA SEA. Unlike, say, Leonard Cohen or Ryan Adams, they will not drive you to suicide. And, as opposed to, say, Hootie and the Blowfish, their music won't conflict with your state of mind to the point that you want to kill the lead singer--that would be Darius Rucker, who, to this day, probably runs into people who think his name is Hootie. With just enough angst, high pitched post-post-punk guitars, driving basslines, and thrashing drums, every LUNA SEA song is a paroxysm of pent up youthful desire and ambition. Declarations such as, "I want love. I want to love," and, "I choose my final way. I am the trigger," reinforce what you already knew just listening to the music. If you can empathize in any fashion, LUNA SEA will place you on the edge of hope.

Follow this with some of the more upbeat material from Siam Shade or L'Arc en Ciel, and you have my …


Reading an article in the NY Times on McCain's approach to military matters of foreign policy, I came across this statement:

"Instead, as American troops swarmed Baghdad, McCain repeatedly compared Hussein to Adolf Hitler and predicted that the occupation of Iraq would be remembered in much the same way that history celebrated the liberation and rebuilding of Europe and Japan."

Probably, the author didn't think about his statement about the aftermath of WWII too much. And I doubt many Americans would take issue with it.

True, we liberated much of Europe from Axis control during WWII; we helped to rebuild many of those areas and Japan after the end of the war; and most Americans look positively on all or a majority of our actions during and directly following the conflicts. But did we liberate Japan and Germany? The Japanese had a republican government in place, and the great majority of Germans had voted for Hitler and, we are told, supported his move to make himself a …

Notes & Counter Notes

It's only been 9 years since I set out to find myself a copy of Eugene Ionesco's collected essays and lectures after running across a snippet in a class on avant garde theatre. The effort hasn't been sustained, but I've never really forgotten. Out of print in English since its initial release in 1964, I have never seen it at any used book store in Seattle--and I've checked around. When I was able to find it online, it was either way too expensive ($40 to $75 plus fees), or I was broke.

But! I finally found a copy for less than $10 after shipping, and it arrived today. Formerly of Euclid Public Library in Euclid Ohio, it still has its checkout card attached, and there's a sticker on the back reminding whoever last borrowed it to return the volume by March 21, 1994.

This is it. Theory from the master absurdist on art, drama, what it means to be in the vanguard, and how to stay there. Explanations and thoughts from the man who wrought Rhinoceros, Macbett, and Amedee

Curse you, David Bowie.

Damn you and your well intentioned cover of 'China Girl'. I want to like the original version you worked on with Iggy Pop. It is, uncontestably, awesome. But you, with your poppy remake, recorded to help Iggy straighten out his finances... you just make it impossible. I can't listen to the original without hearing the later version in my head. This is all your fault!

This Too Shall Pass: Players

CHARACTER NOTES [to be supplemented with illustrations]

Outlaw -- scofflaw type
Mass Murder Guy - Drifted in from who knows where? Disowned by his own cousin; drinks buttermilk; never had a dog; thinks only of himself.

The Beatdown Squad -- detectives
Slim - Won top honors at the donut academy; voted most valuable and most likely by his classmates; rarely speaks, but likes to hang out.
Beditchki - Tough, resilient; the kind of guy you want on your dodgeball team; former bouncer and high school dance chaparone; impulsive. Best friend: Turk.
Turk - AKA Red, AKA The Greek. Second Degree Black Belt in Pud Sze Mu. Last book read: The Hobbit. Favorite Singer: Cher, in her Sonny and Cher days. Drinks Absolut Vodka. Best friend: Beditchki.
Truefaux - A Frenchman, but do not cross him. Plays charades and backgammon. Immaculate dresser. Has a bald spot no one mentions.
Bill - An ordingary guy who likes to hurt people when he fights. Has three cats. Home town: Grover's Corners.

Bit Players -- two lin…