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Need to get back into the habit.

Gotta get back into drawing comics, and not just a page here or there, unconnected to anything else. First thing is to get a few more pages of 3 Guys, 1 Gun--at least finish their first adventure. Then I gotta have Pointless Man actually kill the Backstreet Boys. He's been waiting almost a year to do that.

Once I get those done, I want to start work on a more realistic project of short stories. I'm thinking of relating some of the tales I have from my folks about some of their Chicago pals back when they were still in college. Figure I might call it 'Chicago Badass'. I need to buy myself a recorder so I can get some of their tales down right.

I also want to make a graphic version of The Truncated Holy Quest of the Jack Daniels.

If I do a few of these in black and white, I can probably self publish some of them outside of the net at relatively low cost, and without having to figure out a good answer to all my troubles with scanning in hand coloured art.

I'm at a point w…

Years ago, in highschool...

When off to bed, I would listen to Yo Yo Ma, Mark O'Connor, and Edgar Meyer's brilliant Appalachia Waltz. I would play it very softly, putting the disc on repeat. One of the most soothing things to wake up to, and an excellent sleep aid. Not bad at all for regular listening, either.

I have very fond memories of my time spent falling asleep and rising up to this music.

Comics shopping, largely as originally related on some GameFAQs boards

Picked up several comics the other day at my local shop, Arcane Comics.

-The new DH Conan is serviceable. What hooked me into picking up, actually, were a 3 issue arc written by Mike Mignola (of Hellboy fame) and a current miniseries where Tim Truman provided the art. I like those two creators a lot, and their material reminded me of just how much I enjoyed the worlds created by Robert E. Howard. So, when I went on another $100 splurge at the shop, I decided to gice the Busiek and Nord books a shot. I have issues with the art not having been inked, and I'm in no way awed by Busiek's writing (as some seem to be), but the first volume was enjoyable enough.

-Fantagraphics' quarterly anthology MOME continues to be a mild disappointment, and I continue to buy it. Figure I just pick it up because it's the only place I know of to catch some of the artists featured in its pages. I also figure I'm a dupe for laying down $15 bucks every three months on this haphazard collectio…

Tavis indirectly berates CNET et al, and then starts ranting.

So the size I'm looking for pumps the cost up somewhere around 2 or 3 grand for scanners. Shoot. I might be able to find one for just over a grand or so with a similarly sized scanning bed. But is the quality as good? I don't know.

No review seems to care about reproducing original, hand coloured material. I don't give a fuck how good a machine is at digitizing a shiny photograph, a glossy magazine page, or a transparency from someone's lecture. None of that matters to me. They might as well tell me just how useful the box it comes in is when a kid's trying to make a fort in his parents' living room. God damn it. I just want to know how it handles regular fucking paper. How good is it for that? No reviewer seems to know or care. Why would anyone use a scanner on regular paper. Artists wouldn't have a use for that would they?


I could, I suppose, turn to other artists already working in the digital realm, but most of them are just so intent on using Pho…