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A sort of review of V for Vendetta

Movies based on books ought to be expected to be as separate from their origins as movies 'based on a true story'. To complain that such a flick is not true to its source is perhaps to assume that it should have to slavishly recreate the original work. A movie can sometimes do well with that sort of approach, (as, say, with Fight Club), but not all films can stand to follow the particulars of a story written more than 20 years ago for an entirely different entertainment medium and audience.

Saying V for Vendetta works on its own as a movie, does a fair job expressing the import of the individual over the government and dealing with difficult issues such as terrorism, is not to say it is superior to the comic it is based upon. Saying one should attempt to appreciate or enjoy it as a piece by itself (as most will, having not read the book), is not to say comparisons between the comic and the film should be avoided altogether. It is possible to have had fun watching V, and still f…

Wrestling Antipathy

So the NCAA national wrestling championships take place at 4PM today, PST. There are no college basketball games scheduled around that time. You know what is on cable and satellite television? Bowling's Weber Cup, reruns of the 2005 World Series of Poker, Mike Tyson's greatest hits, and ESPN's SportsCenter.

In order to get the national wrestling championships, you have to subscribe to some alternate ESPN channel. Yay. This is why people think wrestling is all about guys in a boxing ring hitting eachother with chairs.

In other areas of ignorance, my 12 year old brother just said the Stone Temple Pilots' Core is "like Nickleback. Nickleback does this."

Tavis reminds you of some of his perennial concerns:

We should give Texas back to Mexico. Mexico becomes richer. Mexicans gain less of a reason to attempt to gain illegal entrance in the USA. Capital punishment rates drop drastically in the US, giving Europe less reason to call us barbaric and compare us to Iran and (oh no!) China. We never have to deal with another president from Texas, who, the record will show, like spending far too much money and getting us into pointless wars overseas. Everybody but rich, white Texans and Republicans win. Who could disagree with such a lovely plan?

Also, idiots should be killed or moved to Texas.

Recommended Comics

Had to offer a few alternatives to a guy on a board when he went a little far, IMO, in praising Alan Moore, Frank Miller, and Neil Gaiman--all of whom deserve praise and recognition, but not as the best in the biz. If you read this site, you'll probably have seen me mention some of this before. If so, just take it as a friendly reminder that you need to get out there and support these guys. They deserve it.

The following is the result of that discussion.

Paul Hornschemeier -- Paul has a BA in Philosophy, first self published and sold his comics from a porn store in Cleveland, and now resides in Chicago. His material has an incredible range, is quite intelligent, and often tends towards the avant-garde. Writing and composition aside, his art is excellent, managing at once to feel cartoonish and realistic, while straying away from the look of traditional American mainstream comics. He is equally at home working in black and white, duotone, and full colour.

Sequential, a series of shor…

4 Panel Comic Artists Take Selves Too Seriously

Overblown, rhetorical shit storm ensues.

If all you're doing is churning out petty entertainment, that's cool. But, seriously, if you're writing gag strips, and people are paying you for this, even when you're late, even when your material is lousy, even though its supposed to be free, you ought to at least be able to calmly resign yourself to having some unknown dudes putting down their take on webcomics as a whole (including your work in specific). Even when one of those guys spouting off happens to be getting his thoughts published by some small-time press, you ought to be happy just to be paid for doing comedic work. Shoot, you get a sense of humour and maybe a dose of humility while you're at it.

Don't get me wrong, now. Anger over petty nonsense is an understandable response to being a humourist. If everything you do professionally is absurd, why not apply the same approach to the rest of your public life? I can respect it if that's what's driving t…

Bring back Technicolor.

And use it in a zombie movie. Set in Spain. During the dark ages. But somebody should have a gun. And the flick should just be one long series of Kurosawa and Leone nods, except with zombies. Zombies.