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You wanna see how digital art should look?

--Not that they're reading it, but this goes out to all those digital colouring artists online and in the world of comics publishing.--

MacHall, you cgi-happy fuckers. That is how your damn webcomics and digital sketches should look if you gotta colour them in Photoshop or the like. That is craft, you bastards. And no excuses for your simplistic or garish colouring and lackluster layouts.

If you'd rather emulate Clown Samurai, or maybe just go back to relying largely upon old fashioned hand held tools (like Ashley Wood), I won't stop you.

"Truth is not fact."

For those with an interest in expressing the truth through art, inspiration can be found here:
John Pham's Substitute Life
Layer Cake

Me, I'm often of the mind, truth is not beauty, beauty not truth; art as expression, aesthetic experience, entertainment, or decoration is independent of what actually is and any abstract truths pertinent to reality. Absurdism captures the human condition only incidentally, so far as I am concerned. Some of the best work in the genre is not developed unto a theme, but aims only at offering itself to whatever audience there may be. It does not set out to make a grand statement, however many we might find in it. Those discoveries say as much about us as they do about their creators and the art which we delve in to.

But there are many approaches to and understandings of whatever art might be. For expressive work of the highest calibre, complete with something akin to a story, I suggest the above linked material. Illustrating feeling, focusing on what i…

To be placed atop a shot of a woman's shoulder and neckline, with a scarf:

"Her eyes are a little too alive," he said in an overly stealthy voice. I tried to warn him, but it was too late. "You're being too quiet," I told him. "You're drawing attention to yourself." He wouldn't listen. "I'm right, though, aren't I?" he intoned. It was barely above a whisper. He was right--I had to change the subject. "That's not the point," I breathed. "You're too--"

I could hardly hear myself. I had fallen into his beguiling attempt at fading into the woodwork, and now we both stood out more than if we had been shouting. I could feel their eyes on us. No one knew what we had been talking about, they only knew we didn't wish to be heard. Most of all, I could feel her eyes, glistening with something I knew not. 'Too alive.' I knew that.

Come the dawn.

When the night is gone let us paint it back up with its hanging moon and stars drawing glances toward the darkened sky behind, near to empty ‘til filled up, brimming with brushed on clouds, in grey light dimming, fading not into tomorrow, lingering on. Speechless, thoughtless, moving, they fall down into twin glasses of wine, and shimmer on velvet waves, a dim reflection of yesterday.

Drawing obstacles

Got the next page for Pointless Man's 'Death to Pretty Boy Groups' layed out, then I realized I had set it horizontally on the page instead of vertically. This means I have to rethink the damn layout. Things keep getting in the way of finishing this up. You have no idea how long I've been waiting to get to having PM kick some boy band ass. Still, just a small bump.

Should have the page layed out and penned by week's end. I'll share it with you cats when it gets there. Hopefully will have time to edit down a few other solo pics I've got scanned in before then, so you can look forward to a few drawings this week.

Maybe I'll actually get around to putting all this up at my website, too. Heh.

Now available Sunday nights.

My winter quarter schedule has changed. No longer do I have class from 9AM to 9PM with two three hour breaks therein. No. Now, I start classes at 2PM on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, with nothing holding me back those other days. For now, anyway. We'll see if I can swing some work with this wide open schedule of mine in between homework from this and last quarter.

Anyway, this means I don't have to be prudent about staying out late or drinking on Sundays. Go me.