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Pointless Man battles the ninjas.

Should have the last one coloured by the end of the year. Will hopefully get relatively high quality scans up on my site (along with the preceding pages of the comic this sequence comes from) around the first week of January.

Happy New Year!

Merry mothafuckin Christmas!

Can a bloke feel down when he's gotten everything he put on his Christmas list and hasn't even hit his stocking yet? Sure, but not this one, mate.

Listening to the Spencer Davis Group and feeling on top of it. Hope everyone else is feeling bout as good. Happy holidays and all that to everyone who doesn't read or comment here!

Megatokyo's Piro is out of his depth.

I have always been of the opinion that Fred Gallagher, alias Piro, is a cartoonist working beyond his own abilities. He's better at drawing clothing than making his characters' faces look unique, laying out his pages, or writing. Unless the girls he draws have bangs, they all have the same exact widow's peak as every one of his male characters. He is incapable of keeping to his own self-imposed 3 page a week schedule. His hard copy collections have gone through 3 volumes and 2 publishers without him fixing the DPI settings so his line work doesn't look jagged and roughly digitized.

His most recent material, complete with a page that went up late, then was taken down, promised to be up by three days later, and then replaced by something completely different which was also late, and is now promised to be fixed and back up some five days after it was supposed to be done.

Then look at the confused layouts he's been using during this time. There's action going on in…

Being bored is a viscious cycle I could do without. Also, comics.

Had a nice bout of drawing about a week ago. I made my kid brother's birthday dinner and cake icing on Tuesday. Outside of that, I can't think of anything productive I've been into in the last few weeks. Semester's over soon, so I got a change of pace coming up. Hopefully, that'll help me out a bit.

It also means I've got some papers I gotta write pretty soon. Papers I should be working on now.


I'm looking forward to working on some art projects with my mid brother, before year's end. Hope to finally get some of my more recent comics scanned and up at my website. Put up a poor composition there that I've been tooling with in Garage Band. Just something to get me used to the program. Not like I'll know what I'm doing once I figure out how to exploit its features. >_>

Been reading manga off the net recently. The names that have stuck out are those of Hiroki Endo and Yamamoto Hideo. Nothing groundbreaking in their art or layout, but…